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03/16/2017 | 16:00 EST | Embassy of Canada

Kim Thúy: Reading and discussion at the Embassy of Canada in Berlin

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After Ru and Mãn, her first two publically acclaimed novels, Kim Thúy launched her third novel, Vi, in April 2016. Vi is a novel about “home” and belonging, but also about identity in a cross-cultural world. 

More about the book: Vi is the name of a young girl who fled Vietnam with her mother and her three brothers during the war. After a stay in a refugee camp in Malaysia, the family finds itself in Limoilou, a popular neighbourhood of Québec city. The young girl lives a discreet adolescence in her newfound home. She makes friends, goes to study in Montreal, falls in love, works and travels a lot. But amidst all of that, she has to learn to find herself, to know who she really is. She has to find the balance between the traditions of her home country and the liberal mores of her country of adoption. Vi will make her way through life, evolve through her encounters and her travels and she will redeem her place… She, the young discreet girl whose name actually means “Precious minuscule microscopic”.

Travelling through Germany for the launch of Die vielen Namen der Liebe, the German version of Vi published by Verlag Antje Kunstmann, Kim Thúy will be at the Embassy of Canada to present her third novel and answer questions. This reading, supported by the Embassy, is particularly appealing for French students with a working knowledge of the language, for teachers and education students focussing on foreign languages.

The event will take place in French with German translation by the translator of the book, Ms. Brigitte Große. Ms. Große will read excerpts of the German book and accompany Ms. Thúy throughout the event. 

Free entrance. Please register for the event by March 13th 2017 by following the link below (places are limited). The author will be available for signatures after the event. 

Please allow enough time for the security check at the entrance.

Doors open at 3.30 pm.

Address: Leipziger Platz 17, 10117 Berlin

S/U Potsdamer Platz

Online registration

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