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The Video Mcluhan

This series of six films provides an insight into the life and oeuvre of Marshall McLuhan. The US bestselling author Tom Wolfe takes the viewer through two decades of McLuhan's work. The Video McLuhan features all TV appearances from 1960 to 1979 as well as recordings of two lectures.

Part 1: McLuhan 1960–1964
The first part of the film series deals with McLuhan's career, the intellectual trends that later influenced his work, and the phenomenon of his international fame. In two BBC interviews, McLuhan talks about one of his best-known works, The Gutenberg Galaxy, and the aphorism he coined "the medium is the message".

Part 2: McLuhan 1965–1970
The homo novus, the electronic age and the effects of the mass media are the subject matter of this compilation of interviews given by Marshall McLuhan in the sixties.

Part 3: McLuhan 1972–1979
As a media theorist with in part very controversial approaches McLuhan certainly attracted the attention of the media in his day. In the 1970s he made guest appearances on various TV shows when he philosophized about the medium of television.

Part 4: Ohio State University Panel (1960)
During this panel discussion on the communications revolution, McLuhan and his colleagues from Ohio State University and the University of Pennsylvania debate the influence of the mass media on US society.

Part 5: University of South Florida (1974) Lecture
In his lecture McLuhan makes clear the impact of the media on social development and illustrates very clearly the change from a visual to an acoustic world.

Part 6: York University (1979) Lecture
The last part of the film series shows McLuhan's last talk titled Man and Media given at York University. McLuhan lectures on his concept of media as well as his Laws of Media, which he illustrates with several examples.

Credits: The Video McLuhan © 1996 McLuhan Productions. Production and direction: Stephanie McLuhan-Ortved; script and presentation: Tom Wolfe.

Marshall McLuhan: The Man and His Message

This documentary made in 1984 deals with McLuhan as a speaker and interview partner as well as with how the media philosopher was received by his contemporaries.

Credits: Marshall McLuhan: The Man and His Message © 1984 McLuhan Productions. Production and direction: Stephanie McLuhan-Ortved; script and presentation: Tom Wolfe.

Zulu Time

Derrick de Kerckhove, director of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto, worked with McLuhan for over 10 years. Today he is recognized as McLuhan's intellectual heir. Zulu Time follows de Kerckhove's career as a media theorist, examining a number of issues we encounter in our new digital world.
Credits: Zulu Time © 1997 NFB.

Out of Orbit: The Life and Times of Marshall McLuhan

Out of Orbit describes McLuhan's life and oeuvre including his successes and failures. The central element of McLuhan's work, the medium, is also given attention. The documentary deals with McLuhan's philosophies and how these continue to have an impact and meet with acclaim today.

Credits: Out of Orbit: The Life and Times of Marshall McLuhan © 1999 Raven West Films Ltd. in cooperation with CBC Television.

McLuhan's Wake

McLuhan's Wake is an interactive DVD, containing numerous exclusive items on the life and work of McLuhan, including comments by media scientists, a complete bibliography and a photo gallery illustrated with McLuhan's aphorisms. The DVD concentrates on McLuhan's last work, Laws of Media, which the user can discover by means of clear examples.

Credits: McLuhan's Wake © 2002 Primitive Entertainment in coproduction with NFB and in cooperation with TVOntario.

Understanding McLuhan

This CD gives unique insights into the body of thought of the Canadian media guru. It contains TV and radio recordings featuring McLuhan as well as the complete texts of his most successful publications Understanding Media and The Gutenberg Galaxy.

Credits: Understanding McLuhan © 1996 coproduction between Southern Interactive and The Voyager Company.

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